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Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Gave Me "a Whole Family to Live For"?Watch Now

Kanye added that his life has changed for good after becoming a father and he has also become more responsible. "To me it is such a blessing. I feel it is going to give me the stability that I need to really create and do god's work. She (North) is someone to be accountable for and responsible for." The doting grandmother Kris Jenner called baby Nori a great combination of both Kanye and Kim, "I think she is an amazing combination of the two of you.
Source: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/501414/20130826/kim-kardashian-v-s-baby-north-west.htm

Kim http://www.kimkardashiansuperstar.org Kardashian "Shocked" to Learn About Lamar Odom's Drug Problems

While Kim isn't killing herself in the gym to get back in bikini shape, her mom, Kris Jenner , told Extra that her daughter is definitely working on her weight loss while taking the time to relish every moment with her bundle of joy. "She feels so good," said Kris. "She feels healthy, has energy, and shes looking good. Shes eating right. Its like shes on maternity leave, just enjoying the baby." Kims fitness guru, Tracy Anderson, a fellow mom, who has trained clients including Gwneth Paltrow, Kristen Chenoweth, and Madonna, also admits the star has a comfortable workout-life balance. full size Credit: Instagram "It's a tough time, and a lot of women feel like it's a huge mountain to climb to get back, but Kim, surprisingly, has had the totally opposite reaction to other moms.
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kardashians/articles/2013-08-28-kim-kardashian-weight-loss-plan

We all need to find the Kanye to our Kim!) "She's my joy," he adds, "And she brought my new joy into the world." And Kim didn't just welcome Nori into Kanye's lifeshe introduced him to the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan. "After I lost my mother [Donda West, in 2007] there was times I felt like I would put my life at risk. I felt like sometimes I didn't have something to live for, and now I have two really special people to live for," the rapper says, looking to Kris, "A whole family to live for. A whole world to live for." PHOTOS: Kim's pregnancy album Kanye loves Kim so much, he has to restrain himself from going full Tom Cruise on Oprah mode.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/451370/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-gave-me-a-whole-family-to-live-for-watch-now

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Count Kim Kardashian among those who are whole-heartedly hoping for Khloe Kardashian Odom's marriage to succeed. A source tells E! News that Kim was "shocked" to learn that brother-in-law Lamar Odom had struggled with substance abuseinformation that Khloe only recently disclosed to the rest of her family. But now that she knows, Kim is being "very supportive," the insider says.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/453436/kim-kardashian-shocked-to-learn-about-lamar-odom-s-drug-problems

Life Lessons for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's New Daughter via Yeezy Lullabies

The Kardashian Kollection made its runway debut in Sydney, Australia, last weekend and among the garments included in the showcase were bodycon dresses, elegant lingerie and basics. The Kardashian Kollection made its runway debut in Australia last weekend. The clothing line - owned by sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian - made its catwalk debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival runway in Sydney, against an around the world-themed backdrop, with iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Chrysler Building behind the models. The collection includes a number of tight fitting bodycon dresses, monochrome colour palettes to suit all body types and many garments recreate the signature Kardashian style through the use of animal print on tropical fabrics. In addition, elegant lingerie in nudes and pastel colours were showcased, as well as basics including denim shorts, trendy sheer blouses and sexy leather trousers.
Source: http://news.ph.msn.com/lifestyle/kardashian-kollection-debuts-in-sydney-2

Kardashian Kollection debuts in Sydney

Move on. You deserve better, baby. NEWS:Khloe Kardashian Odom tweets about Kim's "miracle" baby "Touch the Sky" Life Lesson:Reach for the stars! Also, from: "Gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly / For the day I die, I'mma touch the sky" She can learn to dress to impress. The world is your runway, baby!
Source: http://uk.eonline.com/news/430745/life-lessons-for-kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-s-new-daughter-via-yeezy-lullabies

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